Brand Ambassador Spotlight -  Madelana Escudero

Brand Ambassador Spotlight - Madelana Escudero

April 24, 2019

We love our Balance the Superfood Shot Brand Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors are an extension of our team and share our products with the world. This week we are learning more about Madelana!

 What do you enjoy about being a brand ambassador? 

Life is busy! Between working crazy hours and trying to accomplish new things everyday, I am constantly trying to find a balance. Food is a huge part of my life and because there isn't always time to meal prep (or maybe sometimes you just want to enjoy a cheese burger & fries;), I love knowing there are Balance the Superfood Shots in my fridge to help get me back on track.


What is your current passion project?

I have been dreaming of going to culinary school for quite some time and this year, I'm making it happen! I've enrolled in a Culinary Arts program, with a focus on Farm to Table style cooking and am excited to share what I learn with my community. It's a big jump after working 10 years in the social and digital marketing space but am ready to take my cooking and passion to the next level!

What you would suggest to people in order to live a "balanced" life?

You can't do it all!

So don't try. Instead of trying to maintain a social life, get ahead at work, meal prep, do laundry, hit the gym, sleep 8 hours a night, clean your apartment (the list goes on)... pick three each day! Maybe you won't work late or go to the gym tonight but that gives you time to 1. meal prep, 2. do a load of laundry and 3. spend time with your significant other.


Want to learn more about Madelana, check her out on Instagram

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