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  • Benefits of Life Equals Women’s Multi

    • Whole-food based vitamins and minerals to help fill daily nutritional gaps

    • Superfood whole-food and Herbal Blend further promotes maximum absorption

    • Plant-based Digestive Enzyme Complex to support happy digestion

    • Full B-Complex, including vitamin B12 to maintain daily energy levels

    • Non-constipating iron to boost energy and help prevent anemia

  • Superwoman

    Life Equals Women’s Multi is designed specifically for women in order to provide your body all the daily vitamins and minerals you need in two convenient servings. Delivering 27 essential daily whole-food based vitamins and minerals, including superfood spirulina, biotin, niacin and vitamin B12, it complements your daily diet by filling in nutrition gaps. Life Equals Women’s Multi uses the most bioavailable vitamins and minerals; including the full B-complex to maintain your energy levels and a whole-food blend. The digestive enzyme complex is the “cherry on top”, formulated with plant-based enzymes to support happy digestion through maximum absorption.

    120 count / 1 Month Supply Bottle
  • Common FAQs

    Q: Will this upset my stomach like other Multivitamins?
    No way! Life Equals Women’s Multi is whole-food based and gentle on your stomach; your ally that makes you feel better not worse. It has added spearmint and ginger specifically designed to soothe your stomach.

    Q: Will I really absorb this or does most of it go down the drain?
    Absorption and bioavailability are our top priorities. Because Life Equals Women’s Multi uses the highest quality, most bioavailable vitamins and minerals like the ones found in real food, your body will recognize them and thus, actually absorb them. Crazy idea, we know! Combine that with its superfoods, alfalfa, and spirulina, plus digestive enzymes to help break down the food you’re already eating and we are talking serious absorption!

    Q: What are amino acid chelates (KEY-LATE’S)?
    Amino acid chelates (seen on the supplement facts as ‘Chelate’ or TRAACS) are combinations of inorganic minerals and amino acids normally hard for the body to absorb. Most mineral supplements, for example calcium carbonate, are ionically charged, and are therefore largely eliminated with other body waste. Life Equals Women’s Multi amino acid chelates create an organic molecule that is not ionically charged; this means it absorbs up to 10x better than other supplements and is gentle on the stomach.

    Q: Do I need to take these with food?
    No! Life Equals Women’s Multi has real superfoods for good health; so take it when it’s convenient for you! There’s no need to worry about taking it with a meal or at a specific time; you can take the full daily dose all at once or whenever you’re ready.

  • How to Use

    Suggested Use: Take four capsules daily, all at once or two with breakfast and two with dinner to help fill nutritional gaps. Full bottle should last one month.

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