Gut Health

Gut Health

April 17, 2019

Microbiome! Digestive health! Immune Support!

If it feels like everyday something new comes out about the importance of our intestinal system, you haven’t been imagining it. 

The more we learn about a microbiome that supports our entire state of health, the clearer it becomes that this is a system that needs to be well maintained. Helping us maintain good health is a primary reason why Life Equals Probiotic were created – to support this process with a simple daily supplement.


A BIT OF SCIENCE (how it all works)

Our intestinal microbiome is a collection of trillions (yes TRILLIONS) of friendly bacteria, fungi, yeasts and others called microorganisms. Each of us have had these guys in our gut system since birth.

Because our microbiomes are dependent on our DNA and our mother’s own microbiome when she gave birth to us, no one has exactly the same one. The individuality of each of our microbiomes is part of the reason why you might feel great after eating something that makes your friend feel full and gassy.

Despite this fact, there are a number of bacterial strains that we all have, which can each support our health in specific ways.

The distribution of these bacteria in our microbiomes influences everything from mental health to digestive health to weight status. A well-running microbiome can do things nothing else in our body can do, ultimately even lowering our risk for many diseases.

Healthy, well-balanced microbiome supports the breakdown of dietary fiber, as well as synthesizes key vitamins and amino acids. It also plays an important role in the break-down of toxins that may find their way into our body.

Symptoms of IBS, gas, even allergies and poor immunity may all be symptoms of an imbalanced gut system.


Most of our gut system is highly dependent on what we eat and how we live. For this reason, it becomes incredibly important that we pay close attention to both.

When something changes in either our internal or external environment, the balance of bacteria in our gut microbiome can change. This might happen after taking a round of antibiotics, traveling to a new country, even just eating food you don’t typically eat.

Sometimes an environmental change can trigger an imbalance and the good guys are suddenly outnumbered.

Other times, we’ve lived with an imbalance for most of our lives, dealing with symptoms like chronic diarrhea or bloating, even allergies, without finding a long-term solution.

Taking Life Equals Probiotic can support your ability to keep your microbiome properly balanced. With this improved balance, our body can better manage things like toxins that can cause allergic reactions.

A balanced gut system will support improved digestion, reduce bloating, and help manage healthy immune responses.


Probiotics are live microorganisms that support the good bacteria in our intestinal system.

Because these are the guys that keep the whole system running smoothly, we want lots of these good bacteria. Our gut system is supported by a delicate balance of microorganisms who live in our digestive tracts and a healthy gut supports our overall health.

In the simplest of terms, this is the reason why probiotics are good for us.

When we take a probiotic supplement, we’re replenishing the disrupted good bacteria in our microbiomes. Taking a broad-spectrum probiotic supplement like Life Equals Probiotic helps address the most common deficiencies found in our gut systems.

A probiotic can go a long way to keeping the correct balance of good bacteria in our gut systems that will support long-term health.

Life Equals Probiotic is made with an iProbiotic Factsincredible balance of 6 different strains of probiotics. Each strain was selected specifically to promote optimal gut function and support immune health. Together they can help you bring your body back into balance.





One of the most beneficial things you can do to support your gut health (and the probiotics you’re about to start taking), is to eat fiber. Specifically, indigestible fibers that we can call PREBIOTICS.

Our good bacteria is able to digest the fiber that we are unable to. This, in turn, produces Short Chain Fatty Acids which directly nourish our gut lining, stimulate immunity and aid in managing levels of blood sugar and cholesterol.

Foods like bananas, whole grains, leafy greens and garlic all have prebiotics in them. Unlike most other probiotics on the market, Life Equals Probiotics adds a special prebiotic called FOS (fructoogliosaccarrides) to their blend to nurture the probiotics you’re taking, and further support your gut health.

There’s no evidence that you can take too many or taking the wrong strains. So, when you take a probiotic, you can feel confident knowing you’re making a good choice.

Every day, we’re exposed to huge amounts of environmental toxins, flooded with questions about the state of our food supply and see an increasing prevalence of chronic disease.

If our entire state of health comes down to how well balanced our intestinal system is, there’s ultimately only one question:

Can you afford to NOT take a Life Equals Probiotic?


Written by Shani Jordan-Goldman, MS RD CDE

As subtle as a dark chocolate bar with 85% cocoa. Shani will make sure you get your diet right. Zero guilt and no intimidation, just 100% good science-backed health guidance designed to always be as unique as you are. Work with Shani directly at

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